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Session Lead
Introduction and outcome of the consultation Rolf Klemm (HKI)
Update from WHO on process to update indicators to assess deficiency

  • Current recommendations
  • Concept note to update the vitamin A indicators including RBP
Lisa Rogers (WHO) [by phone]
Update on major research efforts to assess vitamin A status

  • Use of stable isotopes to assess vitamin A status (15 mins)
  • GloVitas (15 mins)
  • Relationship between RBP and retinol (15 mins)
  • Discussion (30 mins)
Sherry Tanumihardjo (University of Wisconsin), George Lietz (University of Newcastle), and Neal Craft (Craft Technologies)
Other potential biomarkers for assessing vitamin A in population-based surveys

  • Retinyl Esters
  • Breastmilk
  • Dark Adaptation
  • Discussion and next steps
Amanda Palmer (Johns Hopkins University)
CDC experiences assessing vitamin A using Retinol, RBP and MRDR in population-based surveys

  • Comparison and regression calculation
  • Inflammation
  • Sensitivity and specificity
  • Discussion and next steps
Maria Jefferds and Donnie Whitehead (CDC)
Review draft technical brief

  • Small group discussion
  • Review and revise the draft technical brief on Assessing Vitamin A Deficiency
Katie Tripp (CDC)
Summary and wrap up Alison Greig (NI)


Meeting OverviewParticipant List