Who We Are

The Global Alliance for Vitamin A (GAVA) is a forum to share information and lessons learned and coordinate policy related to vitamin A supplementation (VAS) in the context of other vitamin A deficiency (VAD) control and child survival programs. We bring together organizations, policy-makers and program implementers to share information, as well as to develop policies and tools to improve VAS.


Our primary goals are to:


The GAVA leadership oversees the coordination of the alliance, including organizing the annual meeting where members participate in strategic planning and identify priority areas for research and programs.

GAVA Leadership 2016 – 2018

Chair: Alison Greig, Nutrition International
Co-chair: Katie Tripp, Center for Disease Control



A world where preventable child mortality due to the consequences of vitamin A deficiency is eliminated and all people attain optimal vitamin A nutrition.


We are working to accelerate progress toward child survival, and to reduce the global impact of vitamin A deficiency (VAD). GAVA provides a forum for achieving consensus on research, policy and program approaches, focusing on the role of vitamin A supplement (VAS) for pre-school children within the context of other evidence-based intervention programs.